Online Gamer's be prepared for KYC in India soon

January 14, 2023
Online players should be prepared to complete their KYC in India soon. As a component of the Technology (intermediary on-line and digital Content Ethics Code) online, the Ministry of Electronics and it would sign a self-regulatory framework for gaming in 2021. The self-regulatory authority may provide a dependable, prompt procedure for handling complaints, examine Gaming Intermediaries, encourage responsible gaming through age verification and a rigorous KYC procedure, and take precautions against dependency, financial trouble, etc. If they don't have permission from parents, kids under the age of 18 might not be able to play online games that have financial risk. we are appreciative of the government's recognition of the enterprise's and game enthusiasts' long-fame desires. is a remarkable first step towards thorough regulation of Online Gaming. We are glad that the government has acknowledged the long-standing wishes of the business and game lovers. is an important preliminary stage toward comprehensive regulation of online gaming.
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