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Nitin Toshniwal
March 16, 2021

What a great tool it could be! Isn't be! Yes, the role of the Surveillance Camera is just an unavoidable segment in modern civilization at the date. With the help of updated science and technology along with the accumulation of artificial intelligence within -- the demand of this audio-visual security system is going increasing by leaps and bounds.

The main purpose of this system is the 'safe and secured life' provide by ill motives (illegal activity) to detect and captures crime problems with ease.

In every sector of life, this excellent material security system -- for the residents in the lonely society -- helps to create history by tracking and detecting automatically any abnormal activity in an uninterrupted way. On the other hand, any hinder crime to catch, any ill motives to resist in the crowded public life -- it is now become a necessary device in our day-to-day life, either.

But what it actually is or how it works?

It works on the IP network that links the relevant camera(s) from the remote area to an assigned security location. And that conveys signals to the displaying screen situated at a distance (significantly in various government and non-government sectors or so).

What is the purpose to install this kind of setup in your territory?

Depending upon different applications -- designed to meet versatile security needs, there are three main setups (with IP surveillance and analog camera, the supporting software, storage units, and the computer hard disk) is built for the public interest to view footage (to monitor) over the internet.

You can ask for (1) embedded DVRs, (2) Hybrid DVRs (high-end security risk to cover), and (3) PC-based DVRs. You can monitor the activities of an individual or a group of individuals with ease.

The usage of the device

The installation of such kind of setup depends on -- the exert nature features, number of cameras, numbers of monitoring system you need.

From traffic control system to defense, banking sector to other money-trading sectors, hospitals to hotels, business organization (supermarket, malls, daily trading center, theatre hall, etc.) to an academic institution, the airport to the railway station, transportation to daily attendance of official records to keep, monitoring at factory site to store-room observation, everyday home auto-motion and private residential security to provide -- the application of this kind of camera is so common today. You can install this audio-visual recording security setup at your site too.

There are lots of world-class manufacturing company (with different benefits -- price to performance range) are presented in the market. Here we're going to discuss two special kinds of the segment, beneath, to follow --

CP PLUS -- your ultimate surveillance security provider

A comprehensive range of Inbuilt security setup under the CP PLUS category to protect personal and public property and assets -- is the best one to install. This automated and advanced module is backed by the ever-changing requirement of mechanism and relevant software to fulfill the purpose most.

This integrated audio-visual setup is one of the best and efficient as well as a reliable device that actives round the clock in the public domain and provides uninterrupted motion images for you.

High image-quality for environmental usage, for business purposes with minimum bandwidth and maximum storage capacity to provide this one, is very famous for its sensuous pictorial clarity as well. Here is a different system under this category for you --

  1. Network cameras (2 mp -- 8 mp) -- best for office, store-room, and residential purposes.
  2. Body temperature measurement products -- detects abnormal body temperature
  3. AI super precision solution and AI integrated thermal screening solution.
  4. CP MED and Guide+
  5. Ezy Home and Analogue HD camera
  6. DVR, Mobile surveillance, and Video door phones.
  7. Time attendance -- ideal for business organization, office, IT sectored. Detect real-time attendance, bio-metric process, work-hour, etc.
  8. Special Dome (PTZ) -- ideal for a store with a 360-degree angular view
  9. NVR as Network Video Recorder -- provides high-resolution images and extra memory remote view, etc.

From Edu-campus to health-care, natural disaster to warehouse locator, the law of enforcement ( oil and gas) to retail, from smart traffic system to safe and secured society to monitor it is unquestionable.

Dahua for Surveillance -- an array of high-end camera

Providing an end-to-end safeguard solution with potential risk factors to cover -- this setup works as a market-best security guard (at its optimum level) for you. Dahua for Surveillance provides high-class security -- best for government and semi-government institutions to power sector -- electricity, Oil and Gas Division, area of telecommunication and transmission and Transportation and many more. It has been used for a safer world to create in terms of public security and safety in city and remote areas even in the border areas, parking slots, harbor, ports, or so.

With the help of the latest panoramic image (at 4K) quality (pioneer of H-265), it is being treated as one of the critical and significant setup (infrastructure with the touch of modernized software and mechanism) to date.

From retail to real estate, warehouse to logistics, entrance/outdoor/lobby at the office, at banking and other finance sectors (ATM area), this module is very effective. Some important bad popular segments are here to follow --

  • Wiz Sense -- it is very effective in perimeter protection, thermal imaging, face recognition, AI coding, light and sound alarming, notification promotion through a smartphone, etc.
  • Three-in-one camera -- with full-color monitoring (day/night), active detection with red-blue 110dB siren, AI tech. with SMD plus.
  • HDCVI DAC tech -- it transmits video and audio over coax, digital audio signal transmission, helps to identify abnormal activities, etc.
  • WIZ mind core -- it helps in face recognition, people counting, a heat map and fire prevention, wide area security, long distance detection, illegal parking, etc.
  • Camera with full color detection even in low lights -- its high performing sensor, advanced IPS; AI accuracy helps to track up to 98% of efficiency.
  • PFA as Perfective Focus Algorithm -- clear image in zooming, shorten focus time, elimination shaking during zooming, etc.
  • Epee -- long distance image capture (800m@10mbps), auto plug, etc.
  • ANPR -- it is cist reducing security module, very effective electronic toll collection point or so.

Therefore, it is an outstanding price to performance like security module, you know.

A set of tools -- monitors people’s actions and words

There is a lot of confusion huge number of sets of the product with different specs and performance (with expansions of versatile technical jargon) is available in the market. The selection process of the AI security system according to the purpose you suit most -- is the ultimate point to discuss over here. Is commercial grade the best-suited module for you or the consumer-grade cameras for surveillance at 24×7 non-stop? Here are a few points that might clear you a lot in time selecting (benefiting you) to follow --

  1. Commercial-grade or consumer-grade camera With ample storage facility to provide it is a high-performing device with image processing features and capabilities (costlier). There are eight to sixteen cameras (bundles with a video recorder) that come under the consumer-grade quality.
  2. Quality Commercial-grade camera works and captures images or videos in low light or even against the flood-light; whereas a consumer-grade camera needs plenty of lights to represents a clear pictorial image.
  3. Mixed-light condition the camera supported by the special and proper light handling technology is must be considered first along with the High Dynamic Range (software/hardware) technology.
  4. Night-vision with smart IR technology Application of Illuminating Infra-Red tech. or not!
  5. Rotation (360-760) degree angular or so
  6. Lens and resolution -- Good and effective mage quality at 1080p/4k
  7. Integrated or not --- supported with the other similar device or product
  8. Capable with instant video footage for deep searching
  9. Thermal cameras with military tech.
  10. The remote video storage facility, etc.

The camera

With professional installation ability along with the hacking-proof technology is also to consider first while selecting the complete sets of cameras for your audio-visual security system to collect as well.

To conclude, deterring and protecting crimes (by any means in any level of security measure) to control is more necessary than privacy in the public place. To prevent any kind of disorder even in personal security threats to national terrorism (in any sort angle of public or private sectors in both) the role of effective measures of Surveillance Camera is never be denied to date. So stay cool and be happy with it.

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