Why are CPU Coolers important is a crucial fact in tough computing

Nitin Toshniwal
April 17, 2021

The cabinet with adequate cooling profiles   (turbo fanning or AIO liquid cooling system) is good for normal computing. But in e-gaming, video rendering, editing, even in similar kind of high-definition works to do, you need a more specified high-ending cooling system as well as super CPU-cooling facility within for better

consistent performance. This article '' Why are CPU Coolers important'' relates to conveying some essential information over here to follow.

It keeps the CPU silently safe

To keep other inter-connected components away from overheating inside the PC case is the main purpose of a set of CPU-cooler. Secondly, it helps to increase and maintain the overall computing performance. Thirdly, it prolongs the life span of the PC system. Therefore, the consideration of a futuristic PC cabinet (supportive motherboard with flexible CPU socket for upgradation) is very urgent.

Upgrade your stock CPU cooler

As you know, the CPU generates more temperature during operation. This auto-generated unavoidable waste heat can harm your high-valued PC system. If your existing cooling system (CPU) does not work well your performance rate might be affected (getting slowing down gradually). It's better to upgrade, then.

The aftermarket cooler plays an important role than stock coolers. It helps to dissipate heat better than any other exiting fan/liquid cooling system. 

Types of CPU cooler

Every CPU (cooling unit) has had its own CPU socket, CPU mounting points with distinguishing power connector. If the existing CPU-cooling module does not enough you just need another/ dual fan to install for high-end computing works.

The best CPU coolers (protects the chip from a catastrophic meltdown) are categorized into two main variations -- (A) Air cooler with big metal heatsink (pulls out hot air from CPU -- blown the hot air away by fans) and (B) Liquid cooling (AIO variety with RGB lighting, OLED screen, efficient and high-ending build, budget-end tools for CPU/GPU cooling) for top-notch cooling performance

Air cooling module for CPU

(a) Dual fan type (one fan helps to move hot air away and another fan helps to bring fresh cool air towards the chip),

(b) One CPU, two fans (this set is the combination of a fan and heatsink),

(c) CPU case-fan to cool CPU (the fan from outside)

(d) Dual CPUs (the motherboard with two CPUs of server/workstation)

In the above-mentioned cases, the socket-type, RAM clearance, PC case dimension, splitter-connector and header with the same power-feed, etc. must be considered first before a perfect choice to install.

As an integral part of a PC building, the market-best CPU cooler works at its best to skip out the additional temperature with ease. Meaning, it helps maximum to prevent instant damage of any valuable co-related hardware or fatal damage inside the PC case or even failing/worse eve of catching fire.

Some industry-best,  effective & affordable, budget-friendly CPU coolers with different over-clocking  facilities are here to follow beneath --

(1) Noctua NH - D15 (fan and heatsink) --- it is big in size (160×150×135mm as W×D×H) but effectively quiet (noise volume with (19.20 - 24.60) dBA. It suits with Intel LGA 2066, and AMD AM2/3+, FMI - FM2+.

(2) Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition (fan and heatsink) with improved performance. It is very easy to install with RGB LEDs. It is very familiar in chip-connectivity with Intel LGA 1150 - LGA 2066) and AMD AM2 - AM4, FMI - FM2+

(3) Noctua NH -L9 (an ultra-compact low profile CPU cooler with fan and heatsink)

(4) NZXT Kraken 2-3 -- it is the all-in-one liquid cooler, total customization with super performing effectively in a wide range of Intel/AMD socket compatibility 

(5) Corsair iCUE H115i Elite Copellix for insane performance.  It provides a very compatible liquid cooling system with brighter RGB lighting,

(6) Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240p Mirage -- it is specifically designed (very cool & hypnotic) for liquid cooling system, supports Threadripper, very compatible, and gorgeous in RGB LEDs

(7) Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML 120R RGB (a premium build, very expensive liquid cooling system with luminous RGB lighting and over-clocking)

(8) Best budget but strong liquid CPU cooler (Artic liquid freezer 120)

(9) Low-profile & compact liquid cooler with the all-in-one form factor and guaranteed leak-proof tube (Corsair hydro series  H5 SF), etc.

Which one is best for you is the ultimatum that depends on the requirement of the thermal performance,  case compatibility,  noise volume as well as the aesthetic and budget restriction. In liquid cooling profiles, the inner space for the water cooling loop, the space for the tube to coolant passer-through,  the closed-loop with attached radiator must be considered first. Therefore, do select anyone according to the need to feed.

Insufficient cooling profiles may damage your PC set before time to react

CPUs are generally power-hungry. It generates ample heat even within micro-seconds.  Therefore you need a better PC case with modified cooling profiles. High-ending computing works demand a high-definition CPU with accurate CPU cooling layouts. Duration of operation and mode of operation are also the essential points to be considered.

Some may say most desktop or tower-style computer has had sufficient cooling system at dates but that does not mean a modern days CPUs are sufficient with its pre-built CPU cooling module. If you are an enthusiastic gamer you need an additional cooling system over there inside the PC case.

Every modern CPU without any cooler installed is nothing but fresh today. If it is no so, your computer may shut down for a while or may damage permanently.

As discussed earlier,  a CPU with its under operational temperature limits is very crucial. You may choose any type that you suit most, CPU cooler under (a) the heatsink with one or more fans, (b) the heatsink with no fan, and (c) liquid pump and separate radiator with one or more fans.

In all the above cases, the cooler needs a direct attachment to the CPU with the same type of thermal paste (it may be Arctic Silver or so) for quick dissipation of heat.

On the other hand, only the case fan or the liquid cooling system, or the radiator may able to cool other components inside the PC case apart from the CPU. That's why you need a separate CPU cooling module (even after the pre-installed cooling system. Installation of an additional CPU cooler means an additional layer of safeguard (helps to regulate over-heating more). And it is very much applicable in high-level computing.

Considerable other facts in cooling parameter

There are different factors that are directly and indirectly involved (in cooling parameter) to make to stay your PC system the most relevant and purposeful apart from the installation of a good and qualitative chip-cooling system. The factors like -- (a) designed push & pull ambient air through the case, (b) fins of the heatsink, (c) materials of the heatsink, (d) size of the PC case & configuration, voltage fluctuations due to poor electrical connection, etc. are also equally important regarding cooling effectivity of a PC system.

Henceforth, consideration of the total PC cooling system, the topic of "Why are CPU coolers important" might guide you the best for a genuine purchase you want.

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