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Make Your life Good with LG Products – Find the Best Range at MyMBT

LG Corporation is a South Korean giant. Founded in 1947, it was established as Lak Hui Chemical Industrial Corp. by Mr. Koo In-hwoi, and it would become the first company in the country to enter the plastics five years later in 1952. It started GoldStar Co. Ltd. in 1958, which is what we know as LG Electronics Inc. The two companies merged in 1983 to form Lucky-Goldstar before rechristening itself to LG Corporation in 1995.

Headquartered in the LG Twin Towers building in Seoul, the company is involved in a wide range of products, including chemicals, telecommunications, etc.; some of its most important products are monitors.

Go for the best; go for LG Monitor

An LG monitor may be perfect for your drawing room or gaming computer. 

Is LG a trustworthy brand?

Yes. LG is an internationally reputed brand with subsidiaries operating in over 80 countries. The company is known for producing only the state of art products that meet all the industrial benchmarks.

Do LG products come with a warranty?

Yes. Much like everything else in the IT industry, from the cheapest mouse to the intel dual-core processor, LG monitors and other products come with warranties of varying periods depending on the nature of the product.

What are some of the tips to buy LG monitor?

Buying a monitor is not as straightforward a decision as it may seem. While LG is a trustable choice for the brand, several other factors must be considered. The following tips will thus come in handy if you are looking to buy LG monitor.


  • Before deciding on an LG monitor, it is crucial that you should understand your own needs first - what do you need a monitor for? For gaming? For watching videos? Both? What are your budgetary constraints? What kind of resolution and quality are you looking for?
  • One of the key determinants for buying a monitor is screen size. A larger screen often means clearer images and graphics, but one also needs high-speed internet to stream videos and games on it. LG products offer screens with sizes ranging from 19 inches to 35 inches.
  • Panel type is another important consideration. For high-performance games, one should only go for an IPS panel. It will be discussed in detail a bit further on.
  • Another valuable consideration is response time. The faster the response time, the smoother the images will move. LG Monitors have response times ranging from 1 millisecond to 14 milliseconds.
  • Determine where you want to place the monitor. You must choose accordingly whether to go for a wall-mounted monitor or another one.
  • For best pricing and customer experience, it is always recommended to buy all IT products such as an IG monitor online. 

What is meant by response time for monitors?

The response time for monitors is defined by the amount of time it will take for a screen to change its colours. A faster response time will create a much smoother visual experience.

What are various panel types for monitors?


  • Twisted Nematic panels or TN panels are the most common type of panels used in the PC market. They are cost-effective panels that offer relatively better response time with passable colour contrast. However, TN panels do not provide good viewing angles. The colours on the screen might blur if seen from the side. Thus, one should only buy TN monitors if they are big enough to make it redundant to see the screen from the sides. The gamers with a limited budget may prefer them if they offer a better refresh rate.
  • VA panels or Vertical Alignment panels improve on the viewing angles problems faced by Twisted Nematic panels or TN panels. Though there is a bit of loss of colour saturation, they definitely provide better graphics than TN Panels. Another advantage is that they provide a darker black than any other type of monitor.
  • In-Plane Switching panels, or simply IPS panels, are panels designed by LG. These state of art panels offer the best of all worlds - with superior colour contrasts, best viewing angles, etc. Most high-performance and gaming monitors tend to be IPS panels.
  • Resolution - the bigger the resolution, the better the monitor will be.
  • Brightness - a screen that allows higher brightness can be used in sunlight too.
  • Contrast ratio - the better the contrast ratio is the more well-defined colours on the screen will be.
  • Colour depth - The number of colours shown on the screen. The bigger this number is, the more differentiated colours on the screen will be.
  • Connectivity options
  • Dimensions - Whether the device big enough for one’s purpose? Will it fit the space where it is meant to be kept? Also, check whether the dimensions mentioned include or exclude the stand size.
  • Warranty - the bigger the period of warranty is, the better it is. Also, check what the warranty will include.

Why buy Lg products online?

One should always buy LG products online as one can find original high-quality products with ease. Moreover, online vendors like MyMBT avail all the product information you may need to make an informed decision. You can make the purchase from the comfort of your home and have your product delivered from home. Thus, it combines convenience with other advantages too.

What is the best place to buy LG products?

If you are going to buy LG products online, MyMBT is definitely the best place. Member is a single hub that can meet all the IT hardware needs of our customers, whether they need to buy LG monitor or an Intel dual-core processor, or anything else. With us, satisfaction is guaranteed as we always deliver our products in time. 

Our company will deliver all kinds of products from different brands, including the Intel dual core processor on the one hand to gaming chairs on the other. That is why we are the preferred vendor for the gaming community and for PC enthusiasts looking to make their high-performance computers.

We have an experience in the IT industry that extends to over two decades. The strength of our delivery system can be gauged from the fact that we have delivered products to countless clients in over 125 cities till now; and have always managed to satisfy and delight our customers.

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