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How to choose a CPU cooler

Choosing a good CPU cooler is as important as choosing a computer itself. If you are a moderate user, you might do away with the stock cooler that comes with your CPU. But, in case you are into hard core gaming, or just happen to overclock your CPU quite often, having an efficient CPU cooler is not an option but necessity. Let’s say you identify your need for a better cooler- It would still be a battle half won. Picking out the best suitable and efficient cooler for your system would be the next step. Now, how to choose a good CPU cooler? How to buy CPU cooling fan? There are several factors that contribute to this process.

First things first, how much heat does your CPU generate? The idea is to compare the amount of heat generated by your system and the capacity of the cooler to dissipate the heat. Both your processor and the cooler have a TDP (Thermal Design Power) rating. Ideally, the TDP of a cooler should be more than the TDP rating of the processor. The reason being, a CPU overclocks under heavy workload, which could raise the TDP of the CPU even higher. A good cooler should be capable of keeping the temperature under control, even in the most extreme conditions. It wouldn’t be going too far, if you choose to buy CPU cooling fan with TDP, three times of your CPU.

Now, how big is your cabinet? Buying even the best cooler would be worthless if it doesn’t fit inside your cabinet, now would it? Hence, knowing exactly what size you want is a must, before you buy CPU cooling fan online. It is recommended that you buy a cooler that is slightly smaller than what your CPU would seem to fit.

What socket type does your CPU support? Even if you choose an efficient cooler that fits your cabinet perfectly, it might so happen that the socket of the cooler and of your CPU don’t match. To avoid this problem, it is important to do a proper research and know what you are looking for before you make a decision.

Air cooling or liquid cooling? What type of cooling suits your requirement? Although both the options offer remarkable performance, they still have their own pros and cons.

  • Air cooling offers efficiency under low maintenance, while liquid cooling demands more maintenance and carries the risk of leakage.
  • Air cooling is not suitable for extreme high-end requirements. Liquid cooling, on the other hand, performs better than the best air coolers in such conditions.
  • Air coolers, at higher ends, can be bulky and cause clearance issues in the cabinet whereas, liquid coolers maintain a lower profile when it comes to bulkiness.

Coolers are undoubtedly an indispensable yet undervalued part of a computer system. Make sure you make a thoughtful pick while you buy CPU cooling fan online. Only when coupled together, you can make the most out of your CPU.