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Find The Best Keyboard Price For All Brands at MyMBT

When assembling computers, the keyboard is one of the essential parts, and yet most people don't give due thought to how it is. Most people will just go for the first keyboard they find, and that's where they are mistaken. Keyboards are integral parts of a computer, and one should pay careful consideration while purchasing them, including the keyboard price, brand, number of keys, etc.

There are different types and brands of keyboard options available in India. The best type of keyboard can be determined based on your needs, preferences, and budget. The following are some of the essential tips to be kept in mind while getting a keyboard:

  •   Try using it- The first and one of the most essential tips to be kept in mind while buying a keyboard is to remember to try pressing the keys. The keys should be light to the touch to create a smooth and easy typing experience.
  •   Check whether you need some special kind of keyboard- There are some special kinds of keyboards such as gaming keyboards, wireless keyboards, media keyboards, etc. One should check whether one needs any such keyboard. For example, if you are into gaming, a gaming keyboard can significantly improve your gaming experience.
  •   The distance between keys should be ideal- Any two successive should not be too far from each other, making them too far out of reach, nor should they be too close to each other. The ideal distance and the travel for you will depend on your tastes.
  •   Consider the number of keys- Naturally, the number of keys is an important element. You do not necessarily have to count the keyboard for the purpose. Besides the usual keys for letters, you may want your keyboard to have Numpad, especially if you find yourself working with numbers a lot. Similarly, the media keys can come in handy. The gaming keypad has special keys, and one should pay particular attention to them while purchasing them.
  •   The Backlit, particularly RGB, option is better- If you use the keyboard in the dark, a backlit keyboard might be necessary for you. Such a keyboard has a way of illuminating the keys. Backlit keyboards tend to cost more than comparative keyboards, but the price difference is nothing compared to the convenience it brings. You should also determine whether you want an RGB keyboard. The abbreviation 'RGB' stands for 'Red, Green, Blue' - these three colours can combine in different quantities to combine several new colours. RGB keyboards allow you to turn the colour of the backlight to anything you like.
  •   Check the connectivity options provided- Check what kind of connectivity options are given along with the keyboard. While typical USB keyboards are available, one might also find a wireless keyboard that will connect with your device using a dongle.
  •   Keys style is another valuable consideration- The keyboard style can be mechanical, chiclet, etc. Some of these options are better than others.
  •   Overall dimensions of the keyboard should be small- The overall size and weight of the keyboard matter too. It should be lightweight and should be too big in length or width. 
  • Brand of the keyboard matters - One should only go for a keyboard built by reputed brands as these keyboards are of the best quality and come with a good warranty too.
  •   Choose the vendor you buy from carefully- The choice of vendor is crucial as a good vendor will help you make an informed decision by providing all the desired information readily.
  •   The general look and feel- While the look and feel may not affect how well a keyboard affects, it tends to affect our experience of the same. And thus, one should only go for a keyboard that has a desirable look and feel to it. One should also try to match it with the look of the rest of your computer.
  •   The price of the keyboard should be affordable- Naturally, your own budget is going to affect the kind of keyboard you can go for. The range of keyboard price can vary a lot - it starts from keyboards priced at a few hundred rupees and goes up to keyboards worth several thousand rupees. Thus, the last but not the least important tip is only to consider keyboards that one can afford. 

The above tips can help one make a smart purchase when buying a keyboard. Let us now take a look at some types of keyboards and their prices:

Keyboard Price Wireless Options

One of the biggest annoyances of a personal computer, when compared to a laptop, is the excessive number of wires. Fortunately, now this problem is remedied to a great extent with the help of wireless keyboards and wireless mouses. A wireless keyboard is connected to the CPU (Central Processing Unit) with the help of a dongle provided with the keyboard. That can help keep the wires confusion down while also providing greater ease in mobility. The keyboard price wireless can start from a few hundred rupees, but the branded wireless keyboard and those with other powerful functions can cost more.

Music Keyboard Price And Purpose

If you have worked with a conventional keyboard, then you may have found it frustrating. Though everyone enjoys music or media, they do not have dedicated keys, and one is forced to rely on keyboard combinations. Fortunately, this is a remedy by media keyboards or music keyboards. These keyboards are the same as other keyboards, but they come with a small collection of dedicated media buttons at the top. One should pay special attention to these buttons while buying such a keyboard. They can be wired or wireless, and the music keyboard price will vary accordingly.

Combination Of Keyboard Mouse Price And Options

Keyboards and mouse are both input devices - one for textual or numerical input and the other for graphic input; it is thus natural that several brands offer these two peripherals in combos. Since they come in a combo, they will also share the same look and feel and work well together.

RGB Keyboards

As discussed above, RGB keyboards are keyboards that allow one to choose the backlight of the keyboard. These keyboards are state-of-art tools in this regard. Many people wonder whether they must pay something extra for something like that, and the answer will depend on your needs. Are you someone who would need a backlit keyboard? If yes, will you be sure always to be satisfied with the default keyboard light otherwise provided? If the answer is no, then you should go for RGB keyboards.

Gaming Keyboard: Price, Purpose, And Options

The topmost quality of keyboards is gaming keyboards, and these can be wired or wireless, backlit, RGB or otherwise, etc. Unlike standard keyboards, there are no expected standards for how they will look and what kind of keys one can expect, as each gaming keyboard has its unique set of features. And thus, one should study different options carefully while purchasing them, especially since the keyboard price in India can be higher than in the rest. 

They will have hotkeys, special gaming keys, etc. One should look for keyboards that allow one to reprogram keys. They might also have their volume controller. One of the most significant advantages of these keyboards is that they can help you create macros - or small programs that will automate some of the dull routine tasks. It can also lend one significant advantage when playing games. ASUS ROG Claymore II Wireless Modular TKL Mechanical Keyboard with Detachable Numpad, Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 13 Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, and Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Titanium Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Speed Silver are some of the best keyboards we recommend.

Other things to consider while getting a keyboard 

The following are some of the other things to consider while getting a keyboard in India:

Most important keyboard brands in India

Though there are several major keyboard brands in India, we highly recommend considering the ASUS gaming keyboardwhich is one of the best gaming keyboards. Corsair keyboard and  Corsair mouse combination is another product option that we recommend when compiling your computers as it has the best keyboard mouse price of its kind. Some other valuable brands include Cooler Master, Cosmic Byte, Mad Catz, Ant Esports, Thermaltake, etc.

Get the Best Keyboard Price In India at MyMBT

There are several different types of keyboards available in India. Their prices vary accordingly; however, they can also vary according to where you buy from. MyMBT is the one place that will offer you the best keyboard price in India - no matter what model you are looking for.

There are several advantages of buying your keyboards from MyMBT. Some of these advantages arise from the fact that we are an online platform, and thus, you can place your order anytime and anywhere. You don't have to go through the trouble of actually visiting a shop for the purpose. You will get your keyboards delivered to your home.

Another advantage is that you can use our website to study the specifications of various keyboards to make an informed decision. You can use the filter and sorting options to limit the listed items instead of having to go through the whole catalogue, and you can look for specific items by using the search button. You can add a product you like to your favourites by clicking the heart button - that will let you have it handy. If the item is out of stock or for any other new information, you can choose to receive the product notification by clicking on the bell button. Moreover, you can also compare any two products.

The wireless keyboards are available at the best prices. Moreover, whether you consider the music keyboard price or keyboard mouse price, you will find ours is the best price in the market. Your payment will be made through a secure route, and any information you may share with us is never shared with a third party or used for any other purposes. We also guarantee smooth and effective delivery and complete customer satisfaction with our products.

MyMBT is a Kolkata-based company that is capable of serving all computing needs. We are a robust platform that can serve as your one-stop solution for all your computing and gaming requirements; from the smallest mouse to the most expensive motherboards or graphic cards, we supply them all. 

We can be the perfect place to shop if you decide to build your personal computer from scratch. We are also perfect for gamers. That is why many of the leading gamers of the industry choose to make their hardware purchases through us. No other vendor will provide such an exotic variety of gaming equipment.