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Find The Best Computer Mouse Price in India at MyMBT

A computer mouse is one of the most critical computer components. The input device is also one of the most recognized ones, and all computers need a mouse - even laptops with touchpads or touchscreen can benefit from one. If you are assembling a computer of your own for gaming, productivity, or any other reason, you should be careful about the mouse you use, as not all mice are the same. There are huge variations across various products depending on mouse price, model, brand, etc.

The mouse price may differ from a couple of hundreds of rupees to several thousand rupees (about the price of a cheap personal computer). Similarly, there are several types of options - wired or wireless, optical, Bluetooth or USB (Unique Serial Bus) based, etc. Each product has unique advantages and disadvantages, and their experience will vary accordingly. If such variety confuses you, don’t worry, as the following discussion shall clarify all such doubts.

Mouse Price Wireless Options Cost More

It must be told at the onset when talking about mouse price wireless options tend to cost more than wired USB mice - whatever connection options they offer. The kind (Bluetooth or optical), brand, and other considerations affect the price. 

Five Factors Affecting Computer Mouse Price

The following are the key considerations one should keep in mind while getting mice:

  • Design - Some mice are designed to provide a better grip, resulting in a higher price. The grip given by mice is one of the critical considerations. The optical mice use Digital Processing Technology (DPT) instead of balls below their bottom, making them much easier to use. The Bluetooth mice all come with a USB connector, making them effectively wireless, and hence can-do wonders for portability. Thus, a lot hinges on design when it comes to mice. Another factor is the pavement of programable buttons in the case of gaming mice.
  • Brand - Mice products from recognized brands tend to be higher quality than cost. For example, an Asus mouseor Corsair mouse
  • DPI - DPI is an acronym for ‘Dots Per Inch.’ In the case of mice, it simply means how many dots the mice can recognize on the screen. Mice with higher DPI will cost more and provide better precision.
  • Purpose - The gaming mouse price is likely to be much higher. Unless you need a precision mouse, are a computer enthusiast, or are a passionate or professional gamer, the gaming mice are for you.
  • Price - The computer mouse price is the most crucial consideration.
  • Compatibility - The mice you buy should be compatible with your device.

One should keep these considerations while getting a mouse for their computer.

General-Use Mouse Price in India

For most people, the mouse price in India needs only be a small part of their overall computer hardware budget. If you are not into the game or need a lot of graphical precision in your work, then a run-of-the-mill mouse will do the job for you - such mice cost from a few hundred rupees to a few thousand rupees. The more expensive options are so because they are either Bluetooth-based or wireless.

Gaming Mouse Price and Other Considerations

Much like many other computer hardware products, the premium hardware options for a mouse are created for gamers. The Gaming mouse price may cost from a few to several thousand rupees. Such huge variation is owed to differences in Brand, DPI sensitivity or resolution, the kind of connectivity provided, programmable buttons, the size of wire (if any), design and grip, etc. All these considerations should be kept in mind while getting mice for gaming as they can create a tremendous difference in the gaming experience of the individual. 

Acceleration, RGB lighting option, and onboard memory are some other considerations that may affect the price. Mad Catz R.A.T., Asus RUG (Republic of Gams), Dell, Corsair, Esports, etc., are some of the leading brands when it comes to gaming mice. 

The Programmable buttons are one of the most important considerations when getting gaming mice. The number of buttons varies from product to product, and these gaming buttons provide a much smoother gaming experience. If you want to build a gaming computer, you should also consider buying a gaming pad to go along with the mice for maximum advantage.

Gaming Wireless Mouse Price

The gaming wireless mouse price will be the highest among the various options discussed here. The wireless options provide greater flexibility and ease of moment, which may be valuable to gamers. If you are a computer gamer who takes computer games seriously, computer mice will be necessary.

A good pro tip for getting the best gaming wireless mouse price is that you should always buy them online as competition is only one click away here, and thus, no one can charge you too much. In traditional brick-and-mortar shops, on the other hand, you are much more likely to get charged too much.

If you are buying computer hardware products online, you should be careful to make your purchase only on a website that is reputable, experienced, and specialized in computer hardware products. Before reaching the final decision, you should also consider the payment information, delivery period, etc., and other considerations mentioned above.

MyMBT - India’s Best Place to Get Computer Mouse and Other Hardware

MyMBT is a Kolkata-based hardware enterprise. We have over twenty years of experience serving the computer hardware needs of people across over 125 cities in India. Thus, we are your destination if you are looking for the best mouse price in India.

We are a favourite among the gaming community of India as we have the best gaming mouse price and thus are the preferred hardware source for the leading professional gamers. That said, we quote only the best mouse price wireless, wired, or whatever kind of mice it may be for.

The computer mouse price mentioned here also comes with a standard warranty against manufacturing defects for the standard period.

Visit our website, check various computer mouse products, and place an order. MyMBT will help you make an intelligent and informed choice as you can use our website to read about the different types of mice products and their respective qualities. You will also be able to compare mouse products with two other products. Finding the right product for oneself with so many products can be challenging, but our search function, along with filters and sorting options, can help you find the right product instantly.

The biggest perk of buying from us, apart from the price, is the convenience. You won’t even need your place, and you can place the order anytime and anywhere (as long as you have a smartphone and an internet connection) and get your chosen computer mouse delivered to your doorstep.

Not only are mouse products of all types, but MyMBT will become your go-to vendor for all your computer peripheral and hardware needs. We are a favourite among hardware enthusiasts who wish to assemble higher-end computers.

So, find your favourite mouse and place the order now.