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Corsair RAM: The Best Of The Best In A Class All By Itself

In 2020, Corsair generated over $1 billion in sales and had a staggering 42 percent of the Indian market share for PC components such as corsair RAM. In addition, for memory, power supplies, and cases, Corsair is the best-selling gaming keyboard provider in India.

Corsair vengeance is going for the enthusiast market with the corsair vengeance RGB pro. From 2666MHz up to 4400MHz, the DRAM kit is offered. Testing out the 3000MHz option, which strikes the right mix between price and performance. Check out the Vengeance RGB Pro and see why it's the perfect DRAM for your next RGB project.

Features of Corsair Vengeance

  • It's possible to customize the corsair vengeance RGB pro series in a kaleidoscope of ways. DDR4 memory from Corsair is available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 256GB configurations. For $175, you can get a 32GB kit that includes four 8GB DRAM modules clocked at 3000MHz (CL15). As a consequence, Corsair has a wide range of alternatives, including a standard 2666MHz CL16 setup for most configurations.
  • When purchasing a DRAM module of Corsair RAM, there are two things to keep in mind. DRAM modules with a 3000MHz or 3600MHz frequency are generally better than 2600MHz options, but you'll need to be sure that the Intel or AMD CPU you're using can make use of those speeds. You should be good with a Ryzen 5 series or Intel 8th generation Core CPU.
  • In most circumstances, 2666MHz DRAM should be plenty, but the slight price difference between 2666MHz and 3000/3200MHz means you're better off going with one of the higher-speed alternatives instead. The latency should also be taken into consideration when making a RAM purchase. The DRAM module I'm testing today has a CL15 number, which you can see next to each module in the list. DRAM modules' access times are dictated by CL, which stands for CAS (Column Access Strobe) delay. The lower this value is, the more quickly information may be retrieved.
  • In the context of memory timing of Corsair RAM, the CAS delay is only one element of a much more extensive collection of statistics. The stats for the 32GB Vengeance Pro module that I'm testing are (in MB) 15-17-17-35. In terms of performance, the CAS latency is the most important statistic.
  • There are 10 LEDs per light bar on the Vengeance Pro powered by the DIMM slots and offer consistent illumination. Corsair's iCUE software lets you pick from a variety of fade and transition effects when it comes to lighting. If you have additional RGB-enabled Corsair devices, you can sync lighting effects between them.

Then you should consider purchasing corsair vengeance lpx if-

  • You're looking for a diffused RGB lighting system that looks fantastic.
  • You need a system with a high degree of dependability and plenty of space for over clocking.
  • You're putting your money into corsair vengeance lpx's iCUE system.

Because of its excellent 3000MHz performance, configuration possibilities that go up to 4400MHz, and over clocking potential, the Vengeance Pro is a superb DRAM module for your next build.

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