WD Black 4TB 7200 RPM Gaming Internal Hard Disk Drive


  • For creatives, enthusiasts and gamers, WD Black hard drives are designed for power users who demand performance for power computing
  • The WD Black drive features a dual-core processor that offers twice the processing capability as a standard single-core processor to maximize drive performance
  • With 128MB of cache on 5TB and 6TB models, WD's dynamic cache technology improves performance in real time to allocate and optimize cache between reads and writes
  • Helps reduce system-induced vibrations from other components, optimizing performance and reliability

Brands:Western Digital

Product Code:WD4004FZWX

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HDD Form Factor:
3.5 Inch

Cache (in MB) - HDD:

Load/unload cycles:

Interface Transfer Rate: Buffer to Host:
6 Gb/s

Interface Transfer Rate: Host to/from Drive:
128 MB/s

Performance Class - HDD:
7200 RPM

Advanced Format:

RoHS Compliant:

5 Years

WD Black™ 3.5-inch PC Hard Drives are designed to enhance your PC
experience across higher intensity computing tasks whether you are a digital
artist, video editor, photographer, or gamer. Available with up to 256MB of
DRAM cache on higher capacity models, the WD Black 3.5-inch PC Hard Drives
are optimized for performance so you can spend more time experiencing the
things you love most

Inspiring performance and capacity

Available in capacities up to 6TB, WD Black 3.5-inch PC Hard Drives deliver rapid transfer
speeds and read rates of your files with impressive DRAM cache sizes of up to 256MB
on high capacity models. Western Digital’s Dynamic Cache Technology makes realtime optimizations in the allocation of cache between reads and writes to maximize
performance based on the user’s specific workload. Combine a WD Black hard drive
with a Western Digital SSD for a dual drive configuration that allows the operating
system and critical applications to be stored on the SSD for further-enhanced system

For Creative Professionals

When it comes to storing and editing your digital portfolio, look no further than WD Black 3.5-inch PC Hard Drives. Use the WD Black hard drives for storing your large multimedia files including photos, videos, and games to get the best combination of performance and capacity.

For Gamers

WD Black 3.5-inch PC Hard Drives are the perfect storage solutions for gaming machines, providing large capacities to store today’s high-resolution games and their associated downloadable content (DLC) with increased cache sizes that reduce load times. System performance can be boosted even further when combined with a Western Digital SSD. 2TB and greater models of WD Black hard drives also include StableTrac™ Technology for more accurate data tracking and to help reduce any impact from vibrations caused by other gaming hardware.

Increased Reliability

StableTrac Technology (on 2TB and greater models) enables more accurate tracking that improves the performance of both read and write operations. By securing the motor shaft, the impacts of system-induced vibrations from other components are reduced, leading to enhanced reliability.

An Industry Leading Warranty

WD Black 3.5-inch PC Hard Drives are tested under more strenuous conditions over a
longer period when compared to our standard hard drives. This comprehensive testing
ensures an overall quality benchmark for a stable, high performance storage solution
backed by an industry leading 5-year limited warranty

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